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Navigation, Truck Driving & Professionalism

Navigation, Truck Driving & Professionalism Any novice truck driver will soon become aware of their inability to properly navigate. Unlike a car, places to turn around a 23m (75ft) vehicle are few. And unfortunately, navigation is a skill that is learned on-the-job.   In the novel Bridges of Madison County, Robert Kincaid informs Francesca that three […]

Top 10 Tips for Better Fuel Mileage

Top 10 Tips for Better Fuel Mileage Top 10 Tips for Better Fuel Mileage—ways to make your personal vehicle more fuel-efficient Better fuel mileage is about choice: by choosing to walk, cycle or use public transportation as an option, a family’s fuel mileage will increase exponentially. The challenge with opting for other transportation choices however, […]

Hooking to a semi-trailer

Hooking to a semi-trailer – how to hook up a tractor trailer All too often, semi-trailers are dropped on the ground incurring considerable time & expense. A crane or large forklift first has to be found, brought to the site and used to pick up the trailer and hold it while the tractor backs under. […]

Unhooking a semi-trailer

Unhooking a semi-trailer – how to unhook a semi trailer For veteran truck drivers, hooking and unhooking a trailer sometimes occurs several times a day. For others, they may only drop & hook once or twice a week, or rarely. Despite the ease with which trailers hook and unhook from a tractor, errors still occur. […]

12 rules to keep you moving

Truckin’s Dirty Dozen: 12 rules to keep you movin’ – trucking rules Professional drivers know that there are rules that keep their days safe and uneventful. These rules must be followed, otherwise you will be hurt, the truck will breakdown, or the driving public will be put at risk. As well, customer service will be […]